Restaurant Segment/5 minutes. This is one of the segments from the Fashion One series "Fashion on a Plate," whose New York City episode I shot and edited with my film partner Kyle Fisher. Footage includes interviews with the chef and general manager, along with B-roll in the dining room and kitchen.

Inspiration. My videography and film career began in 2007 when I needed a visual medium to show family the fruits of my Moore ancestral research. So for Christmas I presented them with a 30-minute film documenting my backwards journey to 1600s colonial Maryland. Ever since that Christmas, I've been hooked!

What I Do. I shoot and edit a lot of special-event and red-carpet videos, usually with a strong interview component. Music and business clients have hired me to create promos, whether as content for their websites or for Kickstarter campaigns. I've co-produced a feature-length historical documentary. And I also work on music videos, actor reels, and many other types of projects. One of my regular clients is Fashion One, for whom I have shot and edited backstage and runway at Mercedes Benz NY Fashion Week, and an episode for the series "Fashion on a Plate," profiling Michelin-rated NYC restaurants, and many other fashion-related events. I sometimes work in collaboration with film partners and associates.

Rates. I tailor my rates, estimates, and quotes to each client after client shares pertinent details such as genre and duration of the work, audience, time commitment, lighting and audio needs, breadth of services required, e.g., shooting/editing/still photography/cinematography/sound engineering/graphics/animation/producing.

Now in Post-Production. I am currently editing my own documentary feature about a man who suddenly loses his sight after 60 years of perfect vision.

Promo/2.5 minutes. I shot and edited this promo with film partner Kyle Fisher for a business client to advertise her servcies as a motivational speaker and personal coach to entrepreneurs. Footage includes testimonials, B-roll, graphics, and photos.
Launch Party/5 minutes. I shot and edited this launch party for my media client Fashion One, hosted by men's luxury shoe line Paul Drish. Footage includes host interviews with the designer and guests, and B-roll of the party.
Fashion Show/5 minutes. I shot and edited this fashion show during Mercedes Benz NY Fashion Week for my media client Fashion One. Footage includes runway shots and B-roll, backstage interviews with designer Roberto López Etxeberria and the key makeup and hair stylists, and guest interviews.
Documentary/1.5 minutes. I co-produced this documentary about the Lincoln assassination with Kyle Fisher and director David George. This clip contains portions of the scholar interviews. Cinematography by Bill Hoffmann.